Wisesellr launches India’s most accurate Marketplace Seller Fees Calculator!!

This calculator gives you details of all Fees that e-Commerce marketplaces like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal etc. will deduct on your orders. What you get is the Net Remitted Value or Net Remittance that you will receive from the marketplaces for all fulfillment types-Dropship, FBA, Flipkart Advantage, SD+ etc. All fees are explained in detail for you to understand different charges various e-Commerce marketplaces apply.

Remember, this is a guidance system. The actual fees may vary a little bit. We are proud to claim that it is 99% accurate. The results are as accurate as the inputs you give.

The calculator is FREE to use for everyone. You can use it to learn how marketplaces charge, calculate remittance on your existing products or to plan your product pricing.

Please view on desktop/laptop to get the best experience.

Happy Remittance!

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